The 6th Bomb Group

Air Crew Listings

Air Crew Listings

Here is a tentative listing of all air crew personnel:
24th Squadron
39th Squadron
40th Squadron

Air Crews

Below is a list of the air crews. The first 16 air crews were the original crews and generally flew together for the duration. Many were able to complete 35 missions before the end of the war. When replacement crews arrived, the policy was for them to fly with an experienced Aircraft Commander for 5 missions, while their Aircraft Commander served as Pilot with an experienced crew. After the first 5 missions, the air crews resumed flying together with their original Aircraft Commander. However, especially later in the war, replacement crews were split up to serve as individual replacements on more experienced crews.


  Aircraft Commander Aircraft Name Comments
2401 1/Lt Sam A. Parks Uncle Sam's Milkwagon Plane destroyed May 23
2402 Cpt Raymond K. Ramsey Tinny Ann  
2403 Cpt Paul E. Jones Bataan Avenger  
2404 1/Lt John B. Boynton Blind Date/Lady's Delight Plane shot down May 23
2404 Lt John C. Howett Anonymous IV  
2405 1/Lt Wayne Maki Big Joe  
2406 Cpt Gordon P. Jordan Sharon Linn Plane shot down Jul 19
2407 Cpt Charlie H. Holton Incendiary Journey  
2408 Cpt Robert P. Fortune ___  
2409 Cpt Bruce R. Alger Miss America '62  
2410 Cpt R. L. Litchfield El Pajaro de la Guerra  
2411 1/Lt Dean J. Mutoh ___  
2412 1/Lt Dragi C. Lazin Patty Sue  
2413 Cpt Jacob R. Schad Jake's Jernt  
2414 Cpt Clark A. Preston Snooky 6 crew KIA Apr 7
2415 Cpt George N. Schwager Shasta  
2416 1/Lt R. S. Dawson Our Lady Transferred to 421BS
2417 2/Lt Joseph H. Snyder [Unknown]  
2418 1/Lt Robert A. Hume The Spirit of Sammy  
2419 1/Lt Richard F. Cooney Irish Lullaby  
2420 1/Lt Roy B. Bassett [#9]  
2421 1/Lt W. A. Meadows    
2422 1/Lt Kingman E. Rodgers, Jr.    
2423 Maj James F. Sapp    
2424 1/Lt Robert H. Moscheau    


  Aircraft Commander Aircraft Name Comments
3901 Maj John C. Layson Grider Gal  
3902 Cpt Arthur M. Clay, Jr. Anne Garry III Plane destroyed May 25
3903 Cpt William F. Lemme Lucky Strike  
3904 Cpt James D Ezell Here's Lucky First to fly 25 missions
3905 Cpt John D. Ralph Look Homeward Angel Flew 25 missions
3906 1/Lt Bernard A. Casaurang ___ All crew KIA Feb 12
3906 1/Lt John S. Disosway ___  
3907 Maj Jack D. Koser
Cpt Barney R. Olive
Speagle Eagle  
3908 Cpt James C. Smith Snugglebunny Transferred to 421BS
3908B 1/Lt John H. McKendrick
1/Lt John E. Jennings
3909 Cpt Edwin F. Russell Reamatroid  
3910 Cpt William W. Sams Do It Again  
3911 Cpt Richard L. Sharp Forever Amber II  
3912 Maj Duane C. Treeman Tokyo Trolley II  
3913 Maj Roscoe G. Booth
Cpt Herbert A. Frank, Jr.
Trigger Mortis
Trigger Mortis II
Plane destroyed Mar 27
3914 Cpt Herbert A. Frank
1/Lt William G. Catts
Forever Amber
Myas' Dragon
2 crew KIA, 2 WIA Jun 5
3915 Cpt Jeffrey Richards Son of a B-29  
3916 Cpt John C. Jaekels Grider Gal  
3917? 1/Lt Donald M. Fox Tokyo Trolley Plane shot down May 25
3918 Cpt Barron A. Richmond Various  
3922 1/Lt Robert R. Joslin Reamatroid  
39r1 2/Lt Jack L. Burwell Patricia Lynn  
39r3 Cpt William H. Cleverdon Tulsa Barb  
39r4 1/Lt Harry H. George Anne Garry V  


  Aircraft Commander Aircraft Name Comments
4001 Cpt Charles H. Gipson ___  
4002 Maj Irvin H. Parsons ___  
4003 Cpt John A. Bierkan Connecticut Yankee
Connecticut Yankee II
Plane destroyed
4004 Cpt Clayton Anderson Tojo's Nightmare  
4005 1/Lt Everett G. Triplett Unnamed  
4006 Cpt Charles P. Neal ___  
4007 Cpt Ralph C. Wilson White Mistress  
4008 Lt Paul Steel ___ Crew lost Mar 27
4009 1/Lt William J. Christie Little Jeff  
4010 1/Lt Percy U. Tucker Lady Annabelle  
4011 Cpt Herbert F. Bunting Rattle N' Roll  
4012 1/Lt Edgar L. Vincent Flak Alley Sally  
4013 1/Lt William C. Grounds The Peacemaker Crew POW Mar 27
4014 Capt Paul E. Reed Bad Penny, Bad Penny II  
4015 Cpt Cecil E. Patterson, Jr. Earthquake McGoon  
4018 1/Lt Joseph Kubicek Dearly Beloved  
40r1 Cpt Robert R. Schmid ___ All crew KIA July 9
40r2 1/Lt Neil D. Comerford, Jr. Battling Betty  
40r3 1/Lt Allen H. Russow Jolly Roger  
40r4 Cpt Harrison M. Harp Wun Wing Lo  
TDY Cpt Samuel J. Scurria [58]