The 6th Bomb Group

Crew #4012. 1/Lt Edgar L. Vincent


Thanks to S/Sgt Walter H. Stull (Radarman) and to S/Sgt Joseph Rotondi (Radio) and his son Joe Rotondi.

The Air Crew

The members of crew #4012 were:

1/Lt Edgar L. Vincent (A/C)
2/Lt Glenn Gormley (Pilot)
1/Lt William G. Spellman (Navigator)
1/Lt Herbert G. Horst (Bombardier)
T/Sgt Delbert L. Gruver (Engineer)
S/Sgt Joseph N. Rotondi (Radio)
S/Sgt Walter H. Stull (Radarman)
T/Sgt Franklin Metcalf (CFC)
S/Sgt Gordon P. Brantman (R Gunner)
S/Sgt Nathaniel B. Clark (L Gunner)
S/Sgt William T. Corrigan (T Gunner)

T/Sgt Delbert L. Gruver was wounded on May 29 and replaced by M/Sgt Charles W. Daugherty.  1/Lt Donald V. Hunter (Pilot), T/Sgt Leon L. Steward (CFC) and Sgt Louis L. Chicquette (T Gunner) also flew with the crew.

Photo provided by 6BG, all rights reserved.

Joseph N. Rotondi (Radio) is in the first row, third from the right.

DFC Citation - Mission 62. Rashin, Fusan in Korea (July 11)

For extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight 11 July 1945. These individuals were combat crew members of a B-29 aircraft on a mine laying mission to Rashin, on the north eastern coast of Korea. This mission was flown from bases in the Marianas and return for an over all distance of approximately 4400 miles. Many difficulties and dangers overcome on this operation included complex navigational problems involved in such a long over water mission; making landfall at the planned time and place on the Korean coast; achieving a precise mine-laying run in the face of unfavorable weather conditions and difficult terrain; the great strain resulting from the long flying time involved; the possibility of encountering determined enemy opposition while twice traversing the main islands of Japan; and the danger of being forced far out to sea. Throughout this difficult and gruelling mission each member of this crew performed his assigned duties with such outstanding skill and devotion to duty that the entire operation was accomplished as planned and the mines released in the exact area where they would most effectively block shipping. The coolness, courage and determination shown in accomplishment of this long and hazardous mission by these veterans of repeated assaults against the Japanese homeland reflect great credit on themselves and the Army Air Forces.

First Lieutenant EDGAR L. VINCENT as Airplane Commander
First Lieutenant WILLIAM G. SPELLMAN as Navigator
First Lieutenant HERBERT C. HORST as Bombardier
Staff Sergeant WALTER H. STULL as Radar Gunner
Staff Sergeant JOSEPH N. ROTONDI as Radio Operator
Technical Sergeant LEON L. STEWARD as Central Fire Control Gunner
Staff Sergeant NATHANIEL B. CLARK as Left Blister Gunner
Staff Sergeant GORDON P. BRANTMAN as Right Blister Gunner
Sergeant LOUIS L. CHICQUETTE as Tail Gunner

[Transcribed by David Wilson, son of Sgt Bernard E. Wilson (Gunner, "Anonymous IV")]

The Airplanes

This crew generally flew "Flak Alley Sally".