The 6th Bomb Group

#51. Earthquake McGoon


The Airplane

Immediately after the war the B-29s spent a couple of weeks supplying American prisoners in Japan.

The 6th Group's Earthquake McGoon, 42-24866, is loading up at Saipan in late August.
[Source: [Ray Pritchard] "B-29 Superfortress in Action", Squadron Signal Publications, Aircraft No. 31, p. 45.]

Photo provided by Elizabeth Koch-Colson, granddaughter of S/Sgt Mthhew H. Koch (R Gunner, "Battlin' Betty", 40 Squadron), all rights reserved.

51. "Earthquake McGoon"
Source: George E. Staley, Smithsonian Institution

"Earthquake McGoon" was presumably named after the comic strip character who appeared in Li'l Abner during the 1930s.

The Air Crew

The original crew of this aircraft was Crew #4015.  Crew #4002 also flew this plane on several missions.

The Ground Crew

The crew chief of this airplane is unknown.