The 6th Bomb Group

#6. Irish Lullaby


Thanks to Frank Barrella, son of S/Sgt Frank L. Barrella (Mechanic) on the "Irish Lullaby" and to Phil Carroll, son of Sgt Albert W. Carroll (Right Gunner).

The Airplane

The "Irish Lullaby" was assigned to the 6th BG on 2 Nov 1944 and survived the war.

"Irish Lullaby" at rest.

"Irish Lullaby" running up engines. This may just be a test run-up.

Sgt. Albert W. Carroll (Right Gunner) by his
"work station".

A wee bit of flak damage.

Photos Courtesy of Phil Carroll

The [2nd?] Air Crew

Crew #2419 flew "Irish Lullaby".   They received DFCs for their participation in mission #44, the May 25 mission to Tokyo.

Crew #2419, in front of "Irish Lullaby"
Photo courtesy of Frank Barrella

The Ground Crew

Photo courtesy of Frank Barrella

Several members of the air and ground crews in front of their favorite airplane.
Standing - Left to Right: ___ (ground crew), ___ (ground crew), ___ (ground crew), ___ (ground crew), S/Sgt Frank L. Barrella (ground crew), S/Sgt Roy "Swampy" Johnson (Tail Gunner), S/Sgt. J. C. "Flip" Gober Jr. (Radio Operator) Sgt Albert W. Carroll (Right Gunner), Nicholas P. Nugent (ground crew).
Kneeling - Left to Right: 1/Lt Harvey H. Egner (Navigator), 1/Lt Edward T. Peltzer (Bombardier), 1/Lt Frederick R. Bohl (Flight Engineer), 1/Lt Harold "Hal" G. Harner (Radarman), 1/Lt Arnold W. "Slim" Meyer (Pilot), 1/Lt Richard F. Cooney (A/C Commander).

The Ground Crew

The crew chief for this airplane is not known.