The Men
The men of VC-27. In the second row, starting 6th from the left are Lt Bill Bitting (TBM Squad Leader), Lt Henry Goly (TBM Division Leader), Capt Clarence E. Ekstrom (Captain of the U.S.S. Savo Island), Lt Cmdr Percival Jackson, and Lt Ralph Elliott (FM-2 Division Leader).

The men of VC-27 include both the men of the original VC-27 and the men of the replacement squadron VC-27(II).

VC-27 was first established in November 1943. From July 1944 through January 1945, VC-27 was commanded by Lt Cmdr Percival Jackson and served aboard the U.S.S. Savo Island. In early November, 10 new pilots joined VC-27 (the "Rover Boys").

VC-27(II) was formed in March 1945 under the command of Lt Ralph Elliott, Jr. VC-27(II) included some veterans of VC-27 and many new faces. The men of VC-27(II) had to endure all the hazards of training - including some fatalities. However, the war ended before they could join the fight.

The men include Avenger and FM-2 pilots, Avenger crews - gunners and radiomen, HQ staff and ground crews, including mechanics and ordnancemen. Most of the ground crews were eventually assigned to the ship, but remained part of the VC-27 family.

A Partial Roster of the Men of VC-27
A Partial Roster of the Men of VC-27(II)