VC-27 "The Saints"

Roster of VC-27(I)

The men of VC-27.

FM-2 PILOTS (33)

Lt(jg) Robert C. Ashcraft
Louisville, Kentucky


"So I says to the Admiral....."

Lt(jg) Frederick W. Barnett
Weatherford, Texas


"Corpus Christi ain't Texas."

Ens Paul J. Barrow
Toledo, Ohio


"Little Beaver"
"Dammit, I don't see why."

Ens Robert H. Cockle
Hope, North Dakota


"Do I hafta get a haircut right now, John?"

Lt(jg) George H. Davidson
Lake Como, Florida


"Now, Commander, about those 600 landings"

Ens R. H. Dorman
Dixiana, Alabama


"Laughing Boy"
"I can't help it if I'm always happy."

Lt Ralph E. Elliott
Hoopeston, Illinois


"Captain, there's just one thing I'd like to bring up."

Ens Thomas S. Mackie
Lawrence, Kansas


"Can Jim's division use all recognition lights?"

Ens James J. Manfrin
Clarendon Hills, Illinois


"Jay Jay"
"Yes, Ralph..."..

Lt(jg) Donald A. McPherson
Montesand, Washington


"Well, she's only eighteen."

Lt(jg) Joseph J. Miller
New York City


"Where did you guys rendezvous this morning?"

Lt Roger J. Mulcahy
Chicago, Illinois
Material Officer


"Know him?  Why I shaved his father."

Lt James L. Naftzgar
Wilder, Idaho
Fighter Flight Officer


"Now the way we done it aboard ship."

Ens Robert E. Pfeifer
Rochester, Pennsylvania


"Now look here, Andrew."

Ens William S. Pinson
Greenwood, South Carolina


"Boy, if my Grandaddy could see me now."

Lt(jg) Andrew T. Price
Winnetka, Illinois


"They looked just like FM's 'till I joined up."

Ens Hallie F. Roberts
Hammond, Indiana


"Yeah, my watch is waterproof." (Splash)

Lt John T. Ross
Lackawanna, New York
Gunnery Officer


"John, I says, this is no place for you."

Ens Edward J. Schalk
Syracuse, New York


"So I said, 'That's my coconut - sir'."

Lt(jg) Robert C. Shape
Dayton, Ohio


"You'd be surprised how much you learn about planes working on them like this."

Lt(jg) Benjamin T. Smith
Rockingham, North Carolina


"If it hadn't been for South Carolina, we'd won the War."

Lt(jg) Wilton O. Stubbs
Buda, Texas


"Boogie at 1 o'clock up, 10 1/2 miles, angels 6.3."

Lt(jg) August F. Uthoff
Webster Grove, Missouri


"You don't get what I mean."

Lt(jg) Charles M. Vehorn
Indianapolis, Indiana


"I have scarcely been in the sack all day."

Ens Frederick L. Vocke
Downers Grove, Illinois


"Well, it's not exactly a tavern."


Ashcraft, Robert C., Lt(jg) - Assistant Photo Officer
Bain, Edwin J., Lt [KIA]
Barnett, Frederick W., Lt(jg) - Assistant communications Officer
Barrow, Paul J., Ens*
Bridges, Jack, Ens [KIA]
Cockle, Robert H. "Bob", Ens*
Davidson, George Howard, Lt(jg) - Assistant operations Officer
Dorman, R. H., Ens - Assistant Engineering Officer
Elliott, Ralph Earle Jr., Lt. - FM-2 Division Leader
Leighty, Frank M. "Mo", Lt(jg) [not pictured]
Mackie, Thomas Sterling, Ens - Assistant Navigation Officer
Manfrin, James J. "Jim", Ens*
Mayhew, Ralph Abbott., Ens [KIA]
McPherson, Donald A., Lt(jg) - Buildings and Grounds Officer
Miller, Joseph J. "Joe", Lt(jg)*
Moelter, Fred Joseph, Ens [KIA]
Mulcahy, Roger J., Lt  - Material Officer
Naftzger, James L. "Jim", Lt
Pfeifer, Robert Edward "Bob" Ens* - Assistant Materials Officer
Pinson, William S., Ens
Price, Andrew T., Lt(jg) - Assistant Materials Officer
Roberts, Hallie F. "Hal", Ens*
Ross, John T., Lt - Gunnery officer
Ross, Sterling Paul, Ens [KIA]
Schalk, Edward J. "Red", Ens* - Assistant Materials Officer [joined Nov 16]
Shape, Robert C. "Bob", Lt(jg)* [joined Nov 10]
Smith, Benjamin T. "Ben", Lt(jg)* - Assistant Gunnery Officer
Snyder, Charles William, Ens [KIA]
Spivey, James T., Ens [KIA]
Stubbs, Wilton Odell, Lt(jg) - War Bond Officer (wingman to Ashcraft)
Uthoff, August F., Lt(jg) - Assistant Parachute Officer
Vehorn, Charles Melvinpu, Lt(jg) - Assistant Welfare Officer
Vocke, Frederick L. "Fred", Ens* [joined Nov 16]

* Member of the "Rover Boys" who joined VC-27 in early November.


Ens Carroll E. Aldrich
Portland, Oregon


"It is easier with your eyes open."

Lt Soule T. Bitting
Grand Haven, Michigan
Torpedo Flight Officer


"We have a little club like this back in Ohio"

Lt(jg) Samuel H. Blackwell
Columbus, Georgia


"It'll be something to have the first boy in the squadron."

Lt(jg) Albert R. Douglas
Washington, DC


"I would like to ask one question"

Lt L. D. Egan
Lowell, Massachusetts


"Have you ever been in Sloppy Joe's in Hongkong?"

Ens Harold B. Harms
Alton, Illinois


"I'm thoroughly disgusted."

Lt Goly R. Henry
Darling, Mississippi
Executive Officer


"Horizontal, but a goin' Jessie!"

Ens Charles W. Iverson
Capron, Illinois


"I have only one objection-"

Lt Cmdr Percival W. Jackson
Poughkeepsie, New York


Lt(jg) Bertram L. Lewis
Rochester, New York


"What time we leaving for Palm Springs tonight, Doug?"

Lt(jg) Laurence E. MacFawn
East Weymouth, Mass


"Now in the old Navy-"

Ens Richard W. Mansfield
Miami, Florida


"I believe the L.S.O. - most of the time."

Lt(jg) R. N. Miller
Ardmore, Pennsylvania


"Do you want my autograph?"

Lt(jg) Claude C. Nathan
Paris, Texas
Communications Officer


"Does everyone have his shackle?"

Lt(jg) William R. Peden
Westfield, New Jersey


"You can't buck City Hall."

Lt Robert H. Wand
Woodbridge, New Jersey


"The first thing I'm going to do when we hit the states is . . ."

Lt(jg) John M. Yeaman
Weston, Missouri
Ass't Gunnery Officer


"When I was down on the Canal"


Aldrich, Carroll E., Ens - Assistant Photo Officer
Bitting, Soule Tryon, Lt - Torpedo Flight Officer (TBM Squad Leader)
Blackwell, Samuel Hoyte "Sam", Lt(jg) (Bitting Squad)*
Coleman, Maurice A., Lt [KIA]
Douglas, Albert R., Lt(jg) - Navigation Officer
Egan, L. D., Lt(jg)
Harms, Harold B., Ens - Parachute Officer
Henry, Goly R., Lt  - TBM Division Leader
Iverson, Charles W., Ens - Assistant Parachute Officer
Jackson, Percival W., Lt Cmdr - Captain of VC-27(I)
Lewis, Bertram L. "Bert", Lt(jg) - Photographic Officer
MacFawn, Laurence E., Lt(jg) - Engineering Officer
Mansfield, Richard W., Ens - Assistant Education Officer
Miller, R. N., Lt(jg)
Nathan, Claude Clarence, Lt(jg) - Communications Officer
Peden, William R. "Bill", Lt(jg) - Education Officer
Wand, Robert H. "Bobbie", Lt(jg) - Welfare Officer
Yeaman, John Mark, Lt(jg) - Communications Officer

* TBM pilots were assigned to "squads" of four planes.  Each squad had a squad leader.  These are noted where known.


Left to right, front row: H. C. Larsen, AOM 2/c; Russell H. Ripley, AOM 2/c; D. H. Simons, AOM 3/c; Lloyd J. LeBlanc, AOM 1/c; Floyd G. Norman, AMM 2/c; R. F. Phillips, AOM 2/c; Wilfred J. Luecht, AOM 2/c; G. A. Lewis, AOM 2/c.
Back row: L. C. Weimer, AOM 1/c; W. W. Perkins, AOM 3/c; R. L. Morrison, AOM 2/c; Toby A. Turpen, AOM 1/c; Noel J. Bussey, AMM 2/c; C. Jacobsen, AOM 1/c; D. M. Sawyer, AMM 3/c; Harold E. Roache, AMM 2/c; Jack E. Scholl, AMM 2/c.

Gunners (Alphabetical Listing)

Bosworth, Collis AOM 3/c [not pictured]
Bussey, Noel J., AMM 2/c (Nathan crew)
Jacobsen, C. P., AOM 1/c
Larsen, Henry C., AOM 2/c (Blackwell crew)
LeBlanc, Lloyd J., AOM 1/c (Jackson crew)
Lewis, G. A., AOM 2/c
Luecht, Wilfred J., AOM 2/c (Wand crew)
Morrison, R. L., AOM 2/c
Norman, Floyd G. "Dude", AMM 2/c (Peden crew)
Perkins, W. W., AOM 3/c
Phillips, R. F., AOM 2/c
Prusakowski, Joseph AMC 2/c (Coleman crew) [KIA]
Ripley, Russell H., AOM 2/c (Harms crew)
Roache, Harold E., AMM 2/c
Sawyer, D. M., AMM 3/c
Scholl, Jack E., AMM 2/c
Seravalli, Anthony AMC 2/c [not pictured]
Simons, D. H., AOM 3/c
Turpen, Toby A., AOM 1/c (Henry crew)
Weimer, L. C., AOM 1/c (Yeaman crew)


Left to right, front row: R. J. McCray, ARM 3/c; Worley C. Spain, ARM 3/c; A. A. Wilson, ARM 1/c; R. Snider, ACRM; Jimmie W. Dunn, ARM 1/c, Francis E. Daly, ARM 2/3; G. H. Turner, ARM, 3/c; R. D. Heiling, ARM 3/c.
Back row: Roy G. Eshelman, ARM 3/c; S. C. Jones, ARM 2/c; Wesley W. Hill, ARM 2/c; William Patrick Simmons, ARM 3/c; R. E. Dobyns, ARM 1/c; Philip J. Yoder, ARM 3/c; Lionel Arceneaux, ARM 2/c; Harry R. Johnson, ARM 3/c; G. W. Blessinger, ARM 3/c; C. S. Hogan, ARM 3/c.

Radiomen/Gunners (Alphabetical Listing)

Arceneaux, Lionel, ARM 2/c (Lewis crew)
Blessinger, G. W., ARM 3/c
Daly, Francis E., ARM 2/c (MacFawn crew)
Deadrick, William, ARM 2/c (Korum crew) [not pictured]
Dobyns, R. E., ARM 1/c (Henry crew)
Dunn,  James W. "Jimmie", ARM 1/c (Harms crew)
Eshelman, Roy G., ARM 3/c
Heiling, R. D., ARM 3/c
Hill, Wesley W., ARM 2/c (Bitting crew)
Hogan, C. S., ARM 3/c (Yeaman crew)
Johnson, Harry R., ARM 3/c (Blackwell crew)
Jones, S. C., Jr., ARM 2/c
McCray, R. J., ARM 3/c
Servalli, Anthony T., ARM 3/c - (Coleman crew) [KIA]
Simmons, William Patrick, ARM 3/c
Snider R. H., ACRM (Jackson crew)
Spain, Worley C., ARM 3/c
Turner, G. H., ARM, 3/c
Yoder, Philip J., ARM 3/c (Douglas crew)
Wilson, A. A., ARM 1/c
Ziman, Stephen, ARM 3/c (Peden crew) [not pictured]


Left to right: Nickolas E. Spies, ACMM; J. J. Trenka, AEM 1/c; J. T. Jackson, AMM 1/c; W. J. Pickett, PR 1/c; P. C. Warner, Y 2/c; G. A. Dalton, AMM 1/c; W. S. Sinkiewicz, AMM 1/c, P. H. Walker, ART 1/c; William A. Moye, ACOM.

Ground Crew (Alphabetical Listing)

Baldwin, Bill, Y 2/c (not pictured)
Dalton, G. A., AMM 1/c, Aircraft mechanic
Garofalo, Bill, Y 2/c (not pictured)
Geiske, ___, AOM 1/c V-4 Ordnance mate (not pictured)
Harlan, ___, Y 2/c (not pictured)
Hawk, Carl L., ACMM, V-2 Hangar deck Chief Squadron/Ship Cartoonist (not pictured)
Hylton, Olds, SMC 3/c, Instrument specialist (not pictured)
Jackson, J. T., AMM 1/c, Aircraft mechanic
Lindsey, James H., Y 2/c (not pictured)
Moye, William A., ACOM, Ground crew chief
Pickett, W. J. PR 1/c, V-2 Parachute rigger
Sinkiewicz, W. S., AMM 1/c, Aircraft mechanic
Spies, Nickolas E., ACMM, Flight deck chief
Trenka, J. J., AEM 1/c, Aviation electrician
Walker, P. H., ART 1/c, Aviation radio tech
Warner, P. C., Y 2/c

Most of the initial members of the Ground Crew were later assigned to the U.S.S. Savo Island.


Lt(jg) Mason A. Butcher
Lincoln, Nebraska


"I'm sure it was O.K. when he took off, Commander."

Lt(jg) William L. Diffee
Proctor, Arkansas


"Well, fellows, you're flying the planes, all I can do is throw you some signals."

Lt(jg) Forrest F. Glasgow
Nashville, Tennessee


"I'll load 'em, you drop 'em, and we'll all go home."

Lt Gwilyn B. Lewis
Berkeley, California


"El Mad Medico"
"Well, I'll need four volunteers."

Lt(jg) Edward E. Ludeman
Waukesha, Wisconsin


"Cut him high and fast, Dif, I'm running low."

Lt August C. Miller, Jr.
Taunton, Massachusetts


"Peliliu Gus"
"This is it men.  Are pilots ready?"

Lt(jg) Robert A. Pope
Detroit, Michigan


"See Warner, he'll fix you up."

Ens D. Dilbert Dog
NAAS Brown Field, California


"My kingdom for a tree."

Brunsell, [Alan W.?], Ens - V-2 Hangar deck Officer [not pictured]
Butcher, Mason A., Lt(jg) - Radar Officer
Diffee, William L., Lt(jg) - Landing Signal Officer
Glasgow, Forrest F., Lt(jg) - V-4 Ordnance Officer
Lewis, Gwilyn B., Lt - Flight Surgeon
Ludeman, Edward E. "Ed", Lt(jg) - Ass't Landing Signal Officer
Miller, August C., Jr., Lt - Air combat Intel 0fficer
Pope, Robert A., Lt(jg) - Administrative Officer


Plane Captains

Hull, Don, AMM 1c, Jackson's plane captain
Johnson, Carlton, AMM 2c, MacFawn's plane captain

Plane Director

Cario, Adolph, AMM 1/c, V-2 Plane director

Flight Deck

Rado, Dan AMM 2/c, V-2 Flight deck director
Renner, William AMM 2/c, V-2 Flight deck mechanic


Gaylord, Arthur S 1/c, AMM, Ass't LSO

Plane Handler

Baughman, Jerry, SK 3/c , V-1 plane handler
Bailey, Cliff, SMC 3/c, V-1 plane handler
Carroll, Richard "Rich", S 1/c, V-1 plane handler

Parachute Rigger

Carlyle, Don, PR 2/c, V-2 Parachute rigger

Aviation Electrician

McKee, Leonardo, AEM 1/c, V-2 Aviation electrician
Lovett, Jack, AEM 3/c, V-2 Aviation electrician
Smith, William, AEM 3/c, V-2 Aviation electrician


Lambos, Anton, AMM 1/c, V-2 Carburetor specialist
Watling, Wayne, AMM 2/c, V-2 Hydraulic specialist

Hangar Deck

Coffee, Owen, ACMM, V-2 Hangar deck Chief
Quintel, Frank, ACMM, V-2 Hangar deck Chief
Ingham, C. AMM, 1/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Jackson, J. AMM, 1/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Ridgeway, Bob, AMM 1/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Schumacher, Vernon, AMM 1/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Dinnocenza, Louis, AMM 2/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Estervig, Ray, AMM 2/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Pike, Don, AMM 2/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Sabocik, Mike, AMM 2/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Sluyter, Winfield, AMM 2/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Bonney, Leon, AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Dunnocengo, Louis, AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Fooley, Ken, AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Kahle, Gene, AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Lottey, John, AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Richards, Robert, AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Wallace, Pete, AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Kelly, R. W., AM 2/c , V-2 Hangar deck mech
Moore, William, AM 2/c , V-2 Hangar deck mech
Staley, Vincent, AM 2/c , V-2 Hangar deck mech
Henrie, Wayne, AM 3/c , V-2 Hangar deck mech
Basher, Loren S., EM 1/c , V-2 Hangar deck mech


Denoma, George, ACOM , V4 Ordnance Chief
Onachilla, Thomas, AOM 1/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Bond, Troy A., AOM 2/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
King, Harry, AOM 2/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Williams, James, AOM 2/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Allen, Frederick, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Anderson, Richard, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Bass, German, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Bosworth, Collis, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Boysen, James, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Camden, Robert, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
George, Jack, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Lightner, Roy, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Lynch, Robert, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Prusky, Victor, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Robillard, Rolland, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Roessie, Robert, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Stover, Ray, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Sullivan, Gilbert, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Tucker, Robert, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
McDonald, N., S 1/c , V4 Ordnance Seaman
Tillery, L., S 1/c , V4 Ordnance Seaman
Wendling, Thomas, S 1/c , V4 Ordnance Seaman
Wilson, W., S 1/c , V4 Ordnance Seaman
Winn, Robert, S 1/c , V4 Ordnance Seaman

Assigned to CVE-78

Hunt, Edward J., AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Hyland, Glea L., AMM 3/c, V-2 Hangar deck mech
Dyer, James, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Evans, Harold, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Hafner, John, AOM 3/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Hamilton, Douglas, AOM 2/c, V4 Ordnance Mate
Cymmer, T., ART 1/c, Aviation Radio Tech
Peterson, Soren, ART 1/c, Aviation Radio Tech
Peterson, Vernon, ART 1/c, Aviation Radio Tech
Brown, Dennis, TM 1/c , V4 Torpedoman
Henry, Wesley, TM 2/c , V4 Torpedoman
Keller, William, TM 2/c , V4 Torpedoman
Braun, Richard, TM 3/c , V4 Torpedoman
Foley, Thomas, TM 3/c , V4 Torpedoman
Henderson, Donald, TM 3/c , V4 Torpedoman
Knight, Paul, TM 3/c , V4 Torpedoman
Urbanczyk, Joseph, TM 3/c , V4 Torpedoman
Binder, Richard, S 1/c , Seaman
Damitz, Irving, S 1/c , Seaman
Dotson, Kermit, S 1/c , V-6 Catapult specialist
Manhart, Arthur, S 1/c , Seaman
Gladen, Orville J., S 2/c , Seaman
Zuppa, Fred, S 2/c
Donnenworth, Ken, Y 2/c, Signalman
Johnson, Ross, Y 2/c
Lucas, John, Y 2/c
Nold, Jack, Y 2/c
O'Neil, Raymond J., Y 2/c


Dembicki, Harry, AOM 3/c, Ordnance Mate