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Composite Squadron VC27
Bob Jackson (brother of Percival Jackson, Captain of VC-27(I)) and author of the "Composite Squadron VC-27" manuscript passed away in 2010. He will be missed. One of his last acts was to update his manuscript. His family has graciously allowed us to make copies of his manuscript available on this website. The manuscript is copyright 2010 Bob Jackson, all rights reserved.
Landings: Navy vs. Air Force
This video shows the difference between the way Navy and Air Force pilots land their planes. This is because of the extreme precision required to land on a small moving carrier. You can also hear this difference on the approach to landing because Navy pilots are constantly adjusting the throttle. As the video shows, they use this technique for all landings to insure that they stay in practice. This is why the VC-27 LSO required replacement pilots to practice landings even during RandR on Ponam Island. This also demonstrates why the landing gear of Navy planes must be extremely strong. In the video, the Air Force F-16 would be unable to make the same kind of landing as the Navy F-18 without damaging or destroying the landing gear.