VC-27 "The Saints"



FM-2 Wildcat

  • Model of VC-27 Wildcat of Ralph Elliott, Jr. by Tomasz Gronczewski and related history of VC-27.

Flight Simulations

FM-2 Wildcat and Savo Island

Phil Crowther has created a model of a VC-27 FM-2 and a model of the Savo Island that you can land on.  The FM2 has a fairly detailed virtual cockpit (including a virtual pilot).  This add-on is designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with the Acceleration upgrade) - which can be ordered as a package.  The "FM-2 and Escort Carrier Group" add-on is available for download at AvSim.  There is also a small upgrade also available at AvSim.


The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum (MAAM) has created an excellent simulation of the Avenger, including highly detailed virtual cockpit.  The MAAM Avenger currently works on Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 (the older version of the Flight Simulator).  Phil Crowther has created an up add-on that allows you to use a VC-27 MAAM Avenger in Microsoft Flight Simulator X (with the Acceleration upgrade).  You can also land the Avenger on the Savo Island and takeoff using the catapult.