The 6th Bomb Group

Tinian North Field - Control Tower Area

Contrary to some statements, the old Japanese Air Command Center was not the control tower for Tinian. (Although it may have served that function in the first months.) Thanks to the photo collection of Andrew J. Harvanek (an intelligence officer with the 505th BG), we were able to identify and determine the location of the real control tower.

Here is a picture of the "real" control tower.
Note the octagonal shape and the radio antennas.

From the Andrew J. Harvanek Photo Collection
Here is a picture of Tinian airfield from the northwest part of the northern runway facing northeast. The control tower is barely visible just to the left of the parking area that is located about 2/3 of the way up the picture on the right side. The light colored "office" at the top of the tower shows up against the dark background and there is a shadow on the ground just to the right of the tower. Note the "blast fence" north of the revetment just below the tower. This is unique and was probably put there to protect the electronics and visibility of the people in the tower.

Here is a picture of Tinian airfield, taken from the control tower, facing straight south along the center taxiway. A tug is towing the B-29, presumably from the Service Center.