The 6th Bomb Group

#64. Banana Boat


Thanks to: Howard Hughes, son of Doran Hughes, for the name of the aircraft and of the possible crew members.

The Aircraft

Photo courtesy of Howard Hughes, son of S/Sgt Doran Hughes, all rights reserved.

This was an older aircraft with electric bomb bay doors.  The aircraft was involved in a taxiing accident in March. The A/C was 1/Lt Neil D. Comerford who later flew "Battlin' Betty".

The Air Crew

Crew #4015 originally flew this aircraft.

This may be the crew of the Banana Boat.  These people signed a $2 bill (a "short snorter") that Doran Hughes kept in his possession.  Since there are more than 11 people, some may be HQ staff or ground crew - or they may just be friends.

Lt Col Cone [HQ]
Cpt F. H. Etherington [HQ]
Cpt Robert P. Johnston [HQ]
M/Sgt G. A. Calhoon [HQ]
T/Sgt H. R. Weldon [HQ]
T/Sgt G. P. Harris [HQ]
T/Sgt Louie O'Harris
Wm. Pierce [HQ]
G. G. Hayes
James S. Hutchcraft [HQ]
Pvt Dale C. Holmes [HQ]
Charlie Cathemon (?)
Patsy Montair (?)
S/Sgt. Doran Hughes - tail gunner