The 6th Bomb Group

Mission 55. Kawasaki Aircraft Company (June 26)

A photo showing the damage to Akashi.


This was a daylight precision bombing mission involving 38 planes from the 6th Bomb Group:

The same factory was bombed again on 26 June. The bombload for thirty-eight aircraft was the same [three 4000 pounders each], but two ships were forced to jettison their bombs and five planes hit other targets. Weather again rules out a formation and bombing was individually by radar. An additional 16 per cent of the plant was damages or destroyed, bringing the three-mission total to 26 per cent. Three fighter attacks were reported and one Frank was credited as destroyed by Sixth gunners. All of the Group's Superforts returned safely.

[Pirate's Log, p. 47]


20th AF Mission 225

Date: 26 June 1945
Target: Kawasaki A/C Plant at Akashi (90.25 - 1547)
Participating Units: 313th BW
Number of A/C Airborne: 38
% A/C Bombing Primary: 80.6% (31 Primary and 5 Opportunity)
Type of Bombs and Fuzes: AN-M56, 4000# L.C., instantaneous nose and non-delay tail.
Tons of Bombs Dropped: 184 tons on Primary and 30 tons on Opportunity.
Altitude of Attack: 16,000 - 26,200
Time Over Primary: 1001K - 1052K
Weather Over Target: 10/10
Total A/C Lost: 0
Resume of Mission: Strike attack photos revealed probable hits on the machinery building, the railroad right-of-way SW of the plant, the gun installation on the coast to the SW of the target. There was a near miss of the final assembly building, but NW wall showed blast damage. Near misses damaged the roof of the parts assembly building. Flak was heavy, meager to moderate and inaccurate. No fighter cover was provided. Two A/C were non-effective. Nine A/C bombed visually and 22 by radar. Six E/A made 2 attacks. Claims 1-0-1. Eight A/C landed at Iwo Jima. Average bomb load: 12,950 lbs. Average fuel reserve: 619 gallons.