The 6th Bomb Group

Mission 22. Shimonoseki Straits  (Apr 9)

Shimonoseki Straits today. Much of the Japanese shipping went through these straits.


This was an aerial mining mission involving 10 planes from the 6th Bomb Group.


A view of the Shimonoseki Straits today facing east.

20th AF Mission 62

Date:  9 April 1945
Code Name: Starvation #6
Target:  Shimonoseki Straits
Participating Units: 313th Bombardment Wing
Number A/C Airborne:  20
% A/C Bombing Primary:  80% (16 A/C)
Time Over Primary:  100140K - 100216K
Altitude of Attack:  5,000  - 6,300
Weather Over Target:  8/10 - 10/10
Total A/C Lost:  0
Resume of Mission: Mining results excellent. Estimated that mission will maintain blockade of Western entrance of Shimonoseki Straits for an additional five to seven days. Enemy air opposition and AA nil. Average mine load 12,000 lbs.